Who We Are

Our purpose for existing as a congregation:

to build and equip believers in Christ, and to reach and transform those who are seeking meaning, purpose, security, community, or any of life’s needs

Southwest Lutheran Church strives to be a caring community connecting the world to the Living Christ.  Because we have a Lord who loves and accepts all people – we do too.  Because our Lord has blessed us with life, meaning, purpose, security, community, forgiveness, salvation, and more – we turn those blessings outward to others.  We seek to let the work and teachings of Jesus totally form who we are.

Who are we?  We are people who gratefully receive the Lord’s gifts to us.  We are people who serve.  We are people who respond to the Lord’s work in us.  We are people who support the inner city churches of Fort Wayne.  We pray in our homes, our community, and throughout our lives.  We are people who seek community and fellowship with one another.  We are people who recognize that we exist for the sake of others.  We are people who care for the refugee community of Fort Wayne.  We believe that healthy relationships make the difference in our lives and in others’.  We are people who trust in Christ alone for life, forgiveness, and salvation.  We are people who continually seek to grow in faith and the good works we do, recognizing that the Lord always wants something better for us and the people around us.

We are people who would love to meet you and live in community with you.

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